Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mug rug swap and blogging with an iPad

First ever paper pieced block

I am currently working on a mug rug for the first swap of 2014 of the Mug Rug Revival over on Flickr. I am stuck at the point of binding it so I have decided to wait until inspiration strikes rather than jumping in and being disappointed with the result.

Which binding?

It is also over 40 degrees most of this week (43 Celsius / 108 Fahrenheit today) so that might have something to do with the decision to put off going into the front room with the sewing machine - which appears to be the only room where the air con isn't working. I might get some of my hand sewing done at least.

So far I have been blogging (oh get me I'm a blogger after 4 whole posts!) from my iPad using Safari to write posts at but I find that I spend more time struggling to write a post while the screen is cropping what I am writing, getting stuck at the top of photos and having to be creative with the return button to get back to the bottom of the page and other gremlins that I am wondering if I have to dig out my laptop and use that instead?  I'm reluctant to do that as my laptop only works when it is plugged into the wall and getting baby safety plug covers out of the wall again totally puts me off the use of electricity (if you too think using a knife to remove them is a good idea - even for a fleeting moment - please do not do it! I managed to curb that impulse but it was strong). I would also have to start transferring photos between my iPad and laptop and again that involved wires and effort (I sense a theme today).

So if you have any tips on blogging with an iPad or can confirm it is never going to work please let me know.


  1. Using an iPad for blogging is a pain in the butt! I haven't been blogging that long and occasionally I try with the iPad. It is challenging! Good luck with the blog! Keep it can be so rewarding!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jayne, good to know I am not the only one having problems. I just popped over to your blog and your outside the paintbox quilt is amazing. I really admire your use of colour.

  2. I have never had great success blogging with an drives me insane! So I do not do it. SOOOO much easier and straight forward using a desktop or laptop.


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