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Mug rug swap and blogging with an iPad

I am currently working on a mug rug for the first swap of 2014 of the Mug Rug Revival over on Flickr. I am stuck at the point of binding it so I have decided to wait until inspiration strikes rather than jumping in and being disappointed with the result.

It is also over 40 degrees most of this week (43 Celsius / 108 Fahrenheit today) so that might have something to do with the decision to put off going into the front room with the sewing machine - which appears to be the only room where the air con isn't working. I might get some of my hand sewing done at least.

So far I have been blogging (oh get me I'm a blogger after 4 whole posts!) from my iPad using Safari to write posts at but I find that I spend more time struggling to write a post while the screen is cropping what I am writing, getting stuck at the top of photos and having to be creative with the return button to get back to the bottom of the page and other gremlins that I am wondering if I have to dig out…

Sewing projects

Sew sew sew, lots to finish:

1. Another Rag Doll
I finished this rag doll in record time for a first birthday present but I still have another to make for my own daughter. All of the body pieces are cut out from a special quilting cotton I bought in Edinburgh but no further.

2. Liberty Print Anna Bag
A gorgeous present for Christmas that I immediately ripped open and started the paper piecing front with lots of different Liberty hexagons. Unfortunately there wasn't enough material to make the bag front so I am waiting for the extra hexagons to be sent out so I can get back to this bag.

3. Oliver + S Pinwheel Tunic
The Pinwheel dress was completed with seconds to spare for my daughters birthday but the tunic has yet to be started. I have a lot of fabrics picked out for this pattern so I may have a cutting session and make a few at the same time.

4. Sorbetto Top I have made a test version of the Sorbetto top (free pattern from Colette) with a FBA (my first) and hope to make more of …

Quilting Projects

Here are my quilting projects to be finished:

1. Lap Quilt A lap quilt that I have pieced the top, layered and basted. I still need to quilt and bind and post to the UK as this is a very late Christmas present.
2. Baby Quilt A jelly roll quilt for my daughter (started off as a birthday present then was for Christmas, now just needs to be done and given) that has a pieced top and back completed. Still need to layer, baste, quilt, decide on the right colour for the binding, and bind.
3. Rainbow Quilt An entire quilt of this scrapbuster block, which I made using this tutorial for the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee.

I have a couple of 1.5 inch jelly rolls in Kona Solids so it will be planned scrappy unlike the blocks for the bee but I am looking forward to starting this quilt.

4. Vice Versa BOM Quilt I have picked out my colours (still need background colour) for the Vice Versa block of the month starting soon over at Gen X Quilters. I used this inspiration board from Design Seeds.

5. English Paper…
My name is Kendra and I am a good starter. There I have admitted it. I am a good starter but not a good finisher.

Creating this blog is my attempt to finish up all of those projects that I have started and not finished. I also want to keep track of new projects that are currently no more than ideas, and get them finished.

It seems such a shame that projects that I had such passion for are stuffed in zip lock bags and taking up space when they could be completed and brightening up my home or gifted to family and friends.

So there it is, I will be pulling together lists of what I have and what I want to achieve and sharing them here. I knit, sew, and quilt so plenty to keep me busy in the coming year.