Saturday, 24 May 2014

4x5 Modern Quilt Bee blocks

This is my third round of the 4x5 Modern bee and this time I went a little easier on myself with a simpler block.

Quilt block

Here is the block in my colours this round, any blue on a white background.

Blue, orange and aqua on white, how cute are those sea creatures?
Quilt block

wo rainbows, one on black and one on text print. I was so proud of myself for managing to get all of the text in the correct direction. Can you spot the mistake in the first rainbow though? I checked and the recipient is happy so I don't have to unpick it!

Quilt block

Lemon, tangerine, and lime on medium grey. This one looks much better in person.

Lastly orange, yellow and white with a pop of any primary colour.

And of course the obligatory group shot. As ever I now want to make a full quilt just with this block but I'll try not to start that before I get a few more finishes on the board.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pinwheel mug rug

My latest creation for the Mug Rug Revival swap over on Flickr. I am going to be sorry to post this mug rug off.

I started off with this design in my head, and then I found this quilt and decided pinwheel flowers could be fun.

3D pinwheel quilt

The pinwheel tutorial is at the Moda Bake Shop but uses larger pieces of fabric than I wanted so I decided to wing it, oh those seams were thick! But I think the -almost- finished result is worth it.

A bit different from the original idea (especially when I sewed the green fabric on to the short edge on a whim).

3D without the glasses

I will be taking this with me to a craft group lunch meeting that meets just across the library from the door to my office (don't get me started on how fantastic that is). Just the last of the binding to sew down and then this one will be flying away to my partner, hope they like it as much as I do!

Linking up (for my first ever linky thing) with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


Modern She Made Swap

I took part in round 4 of the Modern She Made swap over on Flickr and my partner had very different taste to me. Have you ever experienced this? I found it difficult to make something in someone's else's style and to keep to the rules of the swap. In the end I found a fabric I was pretty sure my partner would adore but then I couldn't make it work with my idea for placemats. After much procrastination and thought I finally went with my own design and made the placemats double sided.

Side one is a hexagon (this rounds swap theme) on linen. I had never used linen before but I didn't find any real problems once I had accounted for the loose weave.

Hexagon placemats
Side one

The second side consisted of the bird panels I picked up for my partner (a Darn Cheap Fabric in Heidelberg find). On this side I only featured the hexagons on the matching coasters.

Placemats featuring birds
Watch the birdie

I did make four coasters but one seems to have flown away when the photos were taken. I promise it was included when the package was sent off.

This is my first finish using my new sewing machine.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Meet Kuki- My Juki HZL F600

Well after the agonising death of my cheapie sewing machine (the tension wheel was never happy but after I forgot to lower the presser foot and did a little FMQ practice it out and died) there is a new love in my life.



Juki box
So excited to cut these straps

It really is true love and I will have to write a suitably gushing review post to count the ways I love her but apart from the odd user error (note to self: read the manual) she is an absolute dream to sew on.

Open juki box
Almost there


I have mostly been catching up on swaps and bees so I haven't finished any of my ongoing projects yet but I feel the quality of what I can produce has been raised to ten times what it was so hopefully there will be lots of finishes in my future.

Juki f600
First look at her beauty

One reason I have found I sew with more skill and precision is the selection of feet that come with the F600. In the past I have been known to fudge it. Yes really, if I didn't gave the right foot or if it was missing I would just sew faster with hope. This is not a technique I would recommend. Now though I have no excuse as look at this selection.

Juki f600 feet
Standard feet with the F600

Yes that is a tray of feet with more feet in the bag and then under the tray - like a surprise second tray in the chocolate box - is a special holder for the buttonhole foot. The buttonholes are really lovely and easy.

Well that enough for now, I'm off to stroke Kuki ;)

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