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January 2014 Stash

I managed just a few finishes in January and mostly spent the month increasing my stash. I signed up for a couple of swaps and bees and 'needed' a few extra fabrics. As ever I also snuck in a few extra pretties for myself.

First up the fabrics I actually set out to buy:

These prints are for a Bee I am part of within the Quilt Club Australia Facebook page, the Mug Rug Revival group over on Flickr, and the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee which is also on Flickr.

All of these fabrics are for the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee - can you believe this is my first text print purchase? Late to the party on that trend.

These blues and grey's are for my own quilt blocks in the 4x5 Bee. I have used this mosaic twice so far and received some amazing blocks in return.

My 'just because' pile.

I am planning an Everyday skirt from the black fabric and a selection of pieces for my daughter from the pink (I bought Puppet Show, Playtime, and After-School patterns in the recent sale).

I also picked up a c…